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Fine Art Essay Checklist


Is the essay complete? Have you shown evidence of your research, developmental ideas and own thoughts and responses included? Have you evidence of a broad source material, e.g. books, magazine articles, websites.


Consider using an Index that shows the heading and page number for the sections or chapters. This gives a good overview of your investigation or a  synopsis


A Summary of your investigation to be included at the front of your essay.


Does your title reflect accurately the work carried out, can it be more specific? Consider using the terms, ‘An analysis of …’ or ‘An investigation into..’ or ‘An exploration of…’ as a sub-heading. Is there a predominant decade or specific dates that you have researched within?


Have you clearly structured your essay? Make sure there is an Introduction, then the main investigation, this could be divided into short chapters or sub-headings, and then a clearly defined Conclusion. Your main investigation should be exploring specific works of art, comparing and defining their significance through artists own words or others references to how these works are so significant. Explore their wider context to the society in which the works came. Please make sure in your conclusion, that you go back and state the main points you outlined earlier in your essay and bring these into your summary, clarifying and defining the work you have carried out, don’t sell your self short here!


You must list your references made and they must be numbered, ensure, as stated earlier there is a broad source material (not just one book or a couple of websites.) Who said the quote, where can we find it, what is the publication, what page number, date of publication?


This is a list of the actual books, websites magazines, catalogues etc (as above.) This may have books or websites etc that in the end you did not use but was useful for research.


If you have not put the details of the illustrations as captions under the illustrations, consider listing them at the end. (Fig.1, Fig 2 etc)


Please ensure the essay is word-processed and includes colour images. Consider the quality of the presentation of the essay. Remember there should be personality as well as academic rigour: consider how expressive qualities that come through your writing that show an individual at work.

Editing and Terminology:

Consider editing out areas that you feel are not relevant. Consider expanding on areas that may seem a little thin. Also ensure the words you use are succinct and accurate and are using the right terminology to suit your theme or subject matter you have chosen.


The work must be handed on the day of the deadline.

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